Friday, October 2, 2009

Are you a busy mom? I know I am...too busy to even think about what I have to do five minutes from now. Unfortunately, I have no choice. My fate is to be a planner, that's code for control freak. I like to be organized and in control of my life. Not easy when your kids' lives take over and I can't even see my own life very clear. These days life is tough on everyone. Financial hardship has hit many. Big decsions need to made. Plans need to be changed and sacrifices need to be made. But the kids don't really get it...they still want more of this or that. What to do? My latest thing is the change jar. Everyone puts their change in it on fairly regular basis. Pennies, dimes, dollar even, but when it is full we go for a family dinner. It is a fun thing to work for and we all feel very satisfied when we have accomplished our goal. Give it a try!

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